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Eldred Wheeler Handcrafted Furniture
2019 Edition:
Secretary & Slant Lid Desk Specials
We are working on the 2019 batch of Secretary & Slant Lid Desks now. We began last month will craft as many pieces as we have orders for. We plan to complete these designs during March, 2019.

If you are considering purchasing a Flat Top, Bonnet Top or Slant Lid Desk, now is the time to act. We expect to complete all Secretaries ordered by March. Orders taken after this batch is completed will likely be completed in March, 2019.
Please call Donna Boyce (508-330-4182) directly with any questions you may have.
Eldred Wheeler Secretaries are the best example of Country High Style New England Furniture from the late 18th Century. The charm of country high style is that it blends the best of formal urban cabinet design with the free expression and vitality of rural craftsmen, yielding an American art form which reflects the values and independent spirit of the deveoping American nation..
We select wide boards of cherry or tiger maple for hand-planing and scraping. Then, classic 18th Century joinery techniques are used to assemble each design. Finishing is done by hand using time-tested formulas. We believe the end result is unique furniture which elicits the same excitement produced by comparable antiques.
Bonnet Top Secretary
Bonnet Top

circa 1770-1780

Country Bonnet Top Secretaries are extremely scarce, particularly desks as detailed as the one pictured. The general form of this piece, the pattern of the bonnet, the design of the interior, and the shape of the ogee foot are characteristic of the southern Massachusetts or Connecticut area.
Secretary Desk
Our secretary desk includes all of the exacting details of an original piece. The stepped serpentine interior is both blocked- and fan-carved.

There are 12 small drawers and 14 secret drawers. The upper case is fitted with 3 small drawers, numerous pigeon holes and adjustable shelves. The raised panel doors open to reveal 2 carved fans in the upper domed section. The bonnet is formed by bending thin sheets of pine over the bonnet frame and securing them with rosehead nails. As with all our desks, only a single board is used for the lid.

Height 85 1/2”
Width 37 1/2”
Depth 22”

RETAIL: $22,475
SALE: $12,300

Flat Top Secretary
Flat Top Secretaries

circa 1760-1790

While country desks were plentiful in 18th Century New England, secretary desks appear to have been much less common. Our secretary is one of the finest country versions. The piece is fitted with a fan-carved, stepped and serpentine interior. There are 11 small drawers and 3 secret compartments in the lower interior section. The upper section is fitted with 3 small drawers and 2 removable shelves.


The use of the raised panel “tombstone” doors is characteristic of the Queen Anne nature of this desk/bookcase. As on most of the finer secretaries, candle slides emerge just below the bottom of the 2 doors. We judge the original of this piece to be from Connecticut, near the Rhode Island border.

Height 78 1/4”
Width 37”
Depth 22”
Writing Height 30 1/2”

RETAIL: $19,325
SALE: $11,700

Slant-Lid Desk


circa 1760-1780
This desk is similar to antiques known to have been made in the northern Connecticut area. This piece is fitted with a fan-carved, stepped and serpentine interior. As with all our desks, the lid is made from a single board.
Height 41 1/2” Width 38” Depth 19 1/2”
MSRP: $12,075
SALE: $7,500
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