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We are working on Chippendale Chests now and plan to complete this run in late March.
If you have been thinking of adding to your Eldred Wheeler Collection or have long admired our handcrafted 18th Century Forms - now is the time to act.
Chippendale Chests

circa 1760-1780
This Chippendale carved curly maple or cherry tall chest-of-drawers was produced in New England and could have been found in almost any region of the area. Slightly wider than our chests, the tendrawer chest features a hand-carved center drawer and ogee foot. As was common with most chests of this period, this piece features hardwood top and exposed dovetails.
Height 56” Width 37” Depth 19 1/2”

Ten-Drawer Chippendale Chest.
RETAIL: $6,750
SALE: $4,295
Chippendale Chests

circa 1760-1780

Tall chests were very popular in rural New England. Most of them were much larger and considerably plainer than the one pictured here. This Chippendale chest is only 33 inches wide across the case, an exceptionally narrow dimension for such a chest. The star-point carving indicates New Hampshire as the area of origin. Like the original, our chest has a hardwood top with exposed dovetails. The top drawer is a single unit constructed to simulate three drawers.
Height 53 3/4” Width 36 3/4” Depth 19 3/8”

Six Drawer Chippendale Chest.
RETAIL: $5,375
SALE: $3,250
Chippendale Chests

circa 1760-1780
A great variety of Chippendale low chests were produced throughout colonial New England. The tops on many overhung the base and were molded on the edge; still others had a molding attached to the sides of the case. We have chosen a simple four-drawer chest with a hardwood top, highlighted by the exposed dovetail joinery.
Height 33 1/2” Width 35” Depth 18 1/2”

Four Drawer Chippendale Chest.
RETAIL: $3,950
SALE: $2,500
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Chippendale Chests

circa 1760-1770
This simple Chippendale chest is especially desirable because of its narrow width. Measuring only 33” across its case, the original was surely one of the smallest made in colonial New England. They afforded more space than a four-drawer chest and, unlike their six-drawer counterpart, left room for a mirror to hang on the wall above. Our chest is constructed exactly like the original with a hardwood top, exposed dovetails, and a hand-carved fan in the center of the top drawer.
Height 48” Width 36 3/4” Depth 19 1/2”

Five-Drawer Chippendale Chest.
RETAIL: $4,575
SALE: $2,750
Mule Chest /
Double Dresser

circa 1750-1760
Our practical dresser is derived from an early colonial form which originated in Englad. These early chests were referred to as “mule” chests because of their capacity to hold large quantities of linens or other soft goods. Ample drawer space makes our “mule” chest ideal for today’s bedrooms.
Height 34” Width 60 1/2” Depth 20”

Mule Chest (Double Dresser)
RETAIL: $7,550
SALE: $4,795
Mule Chest